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  • 1–4 Players
  • 15 Min
  • Age: 12+
  • Weight: 1.30 / 5

A 15-minute light strategy game for adults of duck matching, a UFO, and logic! Players are all interns on an alien UFO, working for an intergalactic corporation that has one main function: abducting ducks. (For research purposes, duh).

But, ducks need to be collected in specific formations, and you'll have to use spatial logic and cunning to rearrange your ducks before your opponents to win!

Abduct (collect) ducks in specific formations by using action cards to move your (or your opponent's) ducks around. Each player gets an individual stream board that can hold 10 ducks. Put the ducks into patterns by moving them around with action cards. When your ducks in a single color match a pattern on one of the shared formation cards, you earn the card and abduct the ducks into the UFO. Grab more ducks out of the UFO and try to make another pattern before the cards run out.