Call to Adventure: Origins Kickstarter Deluxe - [PREORDER]

Call to Adventure: Origins Kickstarter Deluxe - [PREORDER]

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Expected delivery in August 2022.


One copy of the game in a deluxe, book-style magnetic clasp box. Includes a full set of custom card sleeves and all Kickstarter extras.


In this hero-crafting card game, 1-4 players compete to earn the highest Destiny score while cooperating to defeat the Adversary. Like the original Call to Adventure, Epic Origins is a tableau-building game where players draft cards, cast runes, and overcome challenges to score victory points.

For players familiar with Call to Adventure game system, Epic Origins introduces a high fantasy theme inspired by classic dungeon-crawling RPGs. The new Heritage card type provides options like Elf, Halfling, and Dwarf. Class cards allow you to invest Experience to "level up" your character. High fantasy themes and challenges can be found throughout the game's 150+ unique cards.

This game also features overhauled Solo and Co-Op play. Double-sided Adversaries provide an evolving challenge: face a lower-level Adversary at the end of Act II, then the Final Adversary at the end of Act III. In Campaign Mode, players can unlock new cards by defeating each new Adversary. The game incorporates more rewards for cooperative play while still incentivizing individual achievement.

While points decide the winner of the game, Call to Adventure encourages storytelling at the end of the game. Epic Origins also includes a guide for converting your final tableau into a 5th Edition D&D character.

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30-60 minutes