Half Truth

Half Truth

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  • 2-6 Players
  • 30-45 minutes
  • 12+

Half Truth was designed by Ken Jennings, Jeopardy legend known for his 74-game winning streak, and Richard Garfield, creator of the world-famous Magic the Gathering card game. Their goal was to create a trivia game that anyone could play and enjoy, regardless of their experience.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Half Truth is a trivia game that will challenge you in categories you know and some you don't. Our game doesn't rely on binary knowledge about a topic. Instead, Half Truth offers clues that allow each player to play even without forward knowledge about a particular topic or category. After each game, you will walk away learning something new.

Outwit the Competition:

Try to figure out the three lies and deduce the truths. This game is so fun that you'll have fun even if you don’t know the answers off the bat. Games for teens and young adults don’t always hold the interest of all players. Luckily, Half Truth is perfect for any player, regardless of age, to outsmart the other making this the perfect family board game for game nights.

How to Play:

  • Everyone participates in every question
  • Multiple choice questions, 6 answers: 3 are correct, 3 are incorrect
  • If you can deduce through the process of elimination, you can cross out the incorrect answers
  • Answer correctly and receive a point
  • Receive a small bonus for the second and third correct answer per round