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  • 3–8 Players
  • 15–30 Min
  • Age: 8+

Players will each get one round (or two in a 3-4 player game) as the Curator. The Curator will look at their own cards and choose any word that is NOT a noun (in general, adjectives and adverbs work best). 

Then all players, including the Curator, will choose a card from their own hand that they think most aligns with the word OR one that they think least aligns with the word.  

Each player then gives their card(s) to the Curator who then shuffles all of the cards together without looking at them. Players will each cast votes on cards they think most and/or least align with the word. The cards that receive the most votes become Keepers

The players that played the cards that are now Keepers take them and place them in their scoring pile and count them as points. The cards that are not Keepers are discarded.