Song Saga

Song Saga

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  • 🤘Song Saga is the game that gets people sharing the stories and soundtrack of their lives
  • A tabletop card game experience for adults that combines storytelling and song sharing with a music streaming platform at the heart of it all.
  • Each player pulls a card to spark a memory then plays a song and shares a story based on that card. Best song/story "set" by majority vote wins the round
  • For 2+ Players. 20 minute playing time. Ages 13+
  • 🤘Play with your favorite music streaming app or your vinyl collection, CDs, whatever you use to listen to music!

Rock out with your cards out!

Every card in this box is designed to spark a memory of the moments and music that make you who you are.

Get ready to discover new tunes, new things about your friends, and maybe even win a gold award or two.

Singing, dancing, and air guitar are optional, but probable.

How to play Song Saga


  • Pull a card to spark a memory.
  • Play a song and share a story based on that card.
  • Other players can use the same card or pull another.
  • Best song/story “set” by majority vote wins.
  • Read (or ignore) the rules.